Opiate Overdose Response Program

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The Howard County Health Department Bureau of Behavioral Health is offering FREE Overdose Response Program trainings to become certified to administer Naloxone for Howard County residents 18 years of age and older.

If you would like to become certified to administer Naloxone:

  1. Complete the registration.
  2. View all webcasts in the training (see below).
  3. Take the Completion Quiz.
  4. Complete the Survey. When you "Submit" your survey responses, you will be given a link to print your Completion Status Certificate.

After completing the above, contact the Bureau of Behavioral Health at Howard County Health Department at 410-313-6202 to schedule the “practice” part of the training including rescue breathing and assembly of the intra-nasal device and Naloxone. Bring your Completion Status Certificate to the Health Department to complete the “hands on” part of the training to receive the Naloxone administration certificate, promotional kit, and Naloxone prescription and voucher (value of $60) all for FREE.

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Instructions: Click on a webcast to open and watch. You may watch and learn ONLY or watch and learn as well as register for the training to become certified to administer Naloxone.