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FVOR 130921 Rally for Recovery RIFaces & Voices of RecoveryThis video compresses the 2013 Rally for Recovery event from the national hub site, Providence, Rhode Island. It includes the flavor of the day's music and an array of speakers... and ends with the torchlight procession through the heart of the city.
12-09-1 Recovery Rally EventFaces & Voices of RecoveryThousands of people from around the country attend the Celebrate Recovery Rally & Walk on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan on September 15th, 2012. The speakers include Detroit area substance abuse and treatment officials, luminaries in the federal arena of abuse prevention and treatment, and many local and regional residents telling their inspirational stories, giving encouragement, and putting faces & voices on the issue of treatment and recovery.
12-09-2 Meeting the Recovery CommunityFaces & Voices of RecoveryKeep Sober.org & Faces and Voices of Recovery was able to participate in the Celebrate Recovery Rally in Dertroit on 9/15/12. Many rally attendees stopped by to talk about what recovery means to their lives and their futures.
12-10-2 Recovery Leaders Speak OutFaces & Voices of RecoveryRecovery proponents and advocates from the around the US gather at the Celebrate Recovery Walk & Rally in Detroit, Michigan on September 14 & 15, 2012. This video features a number of Rally leaders talking about their organizations and their stories of recovery.
2011 America Honors Recovery Faces & Voices of RecoveryThe America Honors Recovery Awards reception, June 22, 2011. The speakers included the Honorable John Sullivan (R-OK) and Maer Roshan, Editor in Chief of theFIX.com.

The Vernon Johnson Award was presented to:
Roland Lamb by Pamela S. Hyde, SAMSHA;
Mike Barry by Benjamin Tucker (ONDCP); and,
Jim Gillen by Libby H. OConnell (A and E Networks).

The Joel Hernandez Award was presented to the McShin Foundation and Tony Spencer by Stephanie Gamez (Joel Hernandez's daughter).

The celebration of the life of Lisa Mojer-Torres was presented by Westley Clark (SAMSHA).
2012 America Honors RecoveryFaces & Voices of Recovery This years awards reception was held on June 27, 2012. Congratulations to the 2012 honorees! William Cope Meyers was our Master of Ceremonies and our special guest was Pat O Brien.
2013 America-Honors-RecoveryFaces & Voices of Recovery2013 America Honors Recovery is the addiction recovery community's annual anwards event to recognize the over 23 million Americans in recovery and recovery community organizations. Awards presented include the Voice of Recovery Award, the Dr. Vernon Johnson Award, The Joel Hernandez Award, and the Lisa Mojer-Torres Award.
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